Our eco toms have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the UK

Our Toms are produced with heat generated form Bio Fuel.

We use all our Co2 emissions from the Micro Turbines within the glass house to enhance plant growth.

We grow a classic round fruit called ENCORE. This variety gives us a uniform fruit size and the taste and quality is exactly what we are looking for.

For our discerning customers who come here to the nursery to buy their fresh Tomatoes we grow a delightful mini plum called SANTASIAN it is so popular with everybody, especially children.

For those who want something with a little more zest we grow PICCOLLO a cocktail cherry equally as good but with just a little sharper flavour.

To accompany out Toms we grow a few Cucumbers for our on site customers.

Waitrose use our Tomatoes for their Taste of Anglia range. This gives them a locally grown four pack of round fruit.

Other quantities are sold to other multiples .

We are looking to attract all discerning customers who care about carbon footprints and those who want to travel along with us on our very green road.

The AD plant holds the key to all our ideals.

For more information watch us on Jimmy's Food Factory.