Anaerobic Digester

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

You might well ask. In lay mans terms. It's a process of waste vegetable matter decomposing in an airtight vessel. In which anaerobic bugs digest the product resulting in Methane gas passing through the solution then gathering in the top of the cell. The Methane is then transported and used by us to fire Micro Turbines for electrical generation.

The benefits for us are numerous.

We are producing our own Bio Fuel: Methane Gas We use it to run some of our Micro Turbines. By using a really green fuel source it enables us to claim Renewable Obligation certificates. We benefit from heat, electricity and Co2. For all concerned a win win situation.

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Vegetables going into the Anaerobic Digester

Vegetable matter waiting to go into the Anaerobic Digester